Friendˇship Book
(frnd'shp' bk) n.

A small book made for a friend that is passed from person to person with each one signing it until it is full and returns to the person for whom it is made.


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Friendship Books

There are several types of friendship books.  Often they are created with a theme.  For a regular friendship book, usually the them is only indicative of what appears on the cover.  For decos, lyrix, and quotz, the theme is usually carried through out the book.

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Important Note: When making books, include the country of the person for whom the book is made.  This will insure that it can be returned.  These books often travel world-wide and without the country, they may not find their way home.

So what are all of these things?

Friendship book
Often called an FB.  Most swappers are speaking about a regular FB when using this term, though this term can also be used in more general sense to refer to any/all of these types of books.  A regular FB often (but not always) is a few sheets of paper with a decorated cover, usually stapled together, to make a small book.  Typically FBs will fit in a regular envelope, so that several can be sent at one time for relatively little postage.  One person will make the FB and include on it information about who the FB is for including their address and who they are.  They will also include who they are as the creator of the book (these can be created by and for the same person).   The book is then sent to another FB collector/signer.  The recipient will add their personal information: name, address, and sometimes additional information such as whether they're looking for new pen pals, new swaps, date of birth, or anything else they choose to include. The book continues to be sent to other people until it is full.  Typically whoever fills it up will return to the person for whom it was made.

Friendship sheet
As the name implies, they are nearly the same as Friendship books, but they are made on a single sheet of paper or stationery.

Decos are similar to FB's, but are often larger in size.   The cover is often decorated with interesting materials like magazine pictures, rubber stamps, decorative papers, and other embellishments.  Each person who signs decorates a full page in the book.  Sometimes the book has a theme, for example cats.  Then, each person decorates their page following the theme.  As with FB's, when these are full, they are sent home to the person for whom the book was made.

Lyrix are much like decos except that each page is decorated using lyrics from a song.  Some are more plain with the words simply written in them, others are as artistic as decos with pictures and other ornamental adornments.

Quotz are like Lyrix, but instead of song lyrics they contain quotes from movies.  These can also be themed, such as Brad Pitt movie quotes.  Quotz can be plain text or decorative.

Slams can be themed or regular.  Typically they are usually small like a standard friendship book.  Often they have a "sign-in" page where you put your label or name, then each page will often contain a question which you answer (i.e. When was the last time you said "I love you") and the signer would write the appropriate response.  At the end there is often a sign-out page as well where it's dated.  Slams have many variations and can be "sign if" slams (you sign only if the statement or question applies to you).  These are handled in a number of ways, but most of them become more clear when you have it in-hand.

Crams -
Crams are like friendship sheets or book, but no one includes any personal information.  The idea (as the name implies) is to "cram" as many names and addresses into the provided space.

Common Abbreviations

There are many abbreviations used in swapping to help save space and time.  Some of the most common are listed below.

A/A - Answers all (in regard to pen pals)
A/M - Answers most
A/S - Answers some
Addy - Address
BD - Birthday
DOB - Date of Birth
Envie - Envelope
ICR - I can return (meaning when the book is full, this person is willing to send it to the person for whom it was made)
LLP - Long letter pals (meaning they are looking for pals that will send lengthy letters)
NPW - New pals wanted
NSW - New swappers wanted
SAHM - Stay at home mom
SASE - Self addressed stamped envelope
SNNP - Sorry no new pals (person can no longer accept new pals, usually this is because of having a number of established pals and not enough time to devote to more)
WAHM - Work at home mom