Friendˇship Book 
(frnd'shp' bk) 

n.   A small book made for a friend that is passed from person to person with each one signing it until it is full and returns to the person for whom it is made.


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I love swapping decos (decorative friendship books) and my style has developed over the past couple of years since I started.  I no longer swap regular friendship books or slams.   I now swap primarily in the US and Canada due to postage costs, but occasionally swap overseas.

I hope you enjoy browsing this site.  You're welcome to contact me.  Please find my e-mail address on the "about me" page.  I had to remove it from this page due to spammers doing e-mail harvesting.

I started this site because when I was getting started I had a hard time finding resources in the internet about how the different types of friendship books were made, what they look like and how to meet others.  I was very fortunate to meet a wonderful bunch of ladies on a group that helped me get started.

I will share with you and I hope you will share with me.  I for this to become an active community of swappers to share, meet others, and share ideas about creating friendship books, decos, lyrix, slams.

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